Step by step info

Step 1 – Join the voluntary federal scrapie certification program
Before you can import semen from Iceland you have to be enrolled in the USDA voluntary federal scrapie certification program. You can find further information concerning Scrapie and the program at USDA website. The URL is: .

Step 2 – Contact Southram and order semen
Once you have joined the scrapie program or contacted USDA you should contact us at SOUTHRAM concerning semen ordering and availability of semen. Available rams are listed in our sire list. It´s best to place an order with a year in advance to ensure you get semen from rams of your choice. Although we recommend ordering a year in advance we do have limited semen availablity throughout the year.
You can contact us by e-mail: or .

Step 3 – Applying for import permit
After semen ordering and making necessary arrangements concerning that you should apply for import permit to USDA. Further information can be obtained at their website: . Permit application form (VS 17-129) is available on the website:
NOTE: The permit is only good for a total of 14 days from proposed shipping date so timing and coordination is of essence.

Step 4 – Lining up a customs agent at U.S. port of entry
You will need a agent at U.S. port of entry for making all necessary arrangements for the semen clearing the customs and ship it further on. We can reccomend those two brokers our buyers have used so far:


Fauna & Flora,


Laufer group International,

Step 5 – Shipping from Iceland to USA
We at Southram will make all shipping arrangements from Iceland to U.S. port of entry. Your broker will then take it further through customs and ship it on to you.

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