Semen thawing

Instructions for thawing of frozen ram semen


Southram offers frozen ram semen in two types of straws which have different thawing temperature and time. The types that are used by Southram are:



  Straw type Prod.year Volume Thawing temp. Thawing time
Medium 2009-2010 0,5 ml 122 °F (50°C) 14 sec.
Mini ->2008, 2011-> 0,25ml 95 °F (35°C) 15 sec.


Thawing of frozen semen straws
* The straw must be moved from the nitrogen container in to a thermos or thawing kit with thawing water of right temperature as quickly as possible.
* Check and control the water temperature before thawing each straw.
* Never thaw more than straw at each time.
* Remember to dry the straw with a paper after thawing! Water kills the sperm.
* Thawed straws are to be used ASAP.


* The syringe and the sheaths are to be kept at a temperature of 20-25 °C before inserting the straw.
* The syringe and the sheath must be prevented from getting damp.
* Avoid sudden temperature changes of the straw after inserted into the syringe. It can be good to put inside your clothes or under your arm.
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