Loftur 04-970

Loftur 04-970


Laxardalur farm, Thistilfjordur, Northeast Iceland

Loftur 04-970 Fostri 01-045 Hosi
Hjardarprydi 98-800
Muta 96-601
Surtla 95-902

Loftur is horned and black spotted and has rather narrow horn curving. He is bright, calm and easy as well as eager to learn. Easily controlled. Loftur is of a very well known leader bloodline though he is rather little related to other AI leader rams.

Scrapie resistance genotype: Neutral

Colour inheritance: Loftur carries variation of colour and patterns.

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Southram, Austurvegur 1, 800 Selfoss, Iceland.
Phone + 354 480 1800, Fax + 354 480 1818

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