Karl Philip 05-827

Karl Philip 05-827


Sandfellshagi farm, Oxarfjordur, Northeast Iceland

Karl Philip 05-827 Mori 04-255 Morro 02-253
Mora 05-505
99-999 96-166

Karl Philip is horned and moorit spotted. He is very calm and sensible with obvious leader abilities. He is also also very easy to handle but demands the royal dignity his name indicates. Karl Philip is of a very well known leader bloodline from Klifshagi farm though he is rather little related to other AI leader rams. Generations back in his bloodline Skumur 01-885 can be found as well as Blesi 98-884 and Formann 80-961. Those rams were well known AI leader rams.

Scrapie resistance genotype: Neutral

Colour inheritance: Karl Philip carries variation of colors and patterns.

Contact Southram ( bssl@bssl.is ) for more information.
Southram, Austurvegur 1, 800 Selfoss, Iceland.
Phone + 354 480 1800, Fax + 354 480 1818

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