Joakim 08-863

Joakim 08-863


Bjarnastadir farm, Oxarfjordur, Northeast Iceland

Joakim 08-863 Hvitur 07-150 Glamur 05-731
Grahosa 03-379
Kata 03-381 99-999
fff. and fmf. Leifur 02-900.

Joakim has most of the advantages that a good leader requires. He is black spotted with good horn curving. Joakim is calm and very well awake concerning his surroundings. He is also very easy to handle. His daughters are big with obvious leader abilities. Joakim is rather little related to other AI leader rams except Leifur 02-900 which is his double great grandfather.

Scrapie resistance genotype: Neutral

Colour inheritance: Joakim carries variation of colors and patterns.

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