Geri 03-986

Geri 03-986


Groustadir farm, Gilsfjordur, Northwest Iceland

Geri 03-986 Blesi 02-411 Mobildur
Komma 98-001 Laufi
fmf. Fori 89-980, mmmf. and mmff. Moblesi 89-921, mfmf. Ari 91-969.

Geri is moorit, spotted. He is big and gracious with good horns and coarse body as expected from a leader sheep. He’s very calm and has very good leader characteristics. Geri broke both his front legs but was very easy to handle during his hospital visit which shows how sensible and calm he is. Geri is a distant relative to other AI leader rams at Southram during recent years.

Scrapie resistance genotype: Neutral

Colour inheritance: Geri’s color indicates that his offspring’s can be of any color.

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