Judging info

The sires are evaluated and judged according to FAI judging standards. Points are given for individual body parts in following order:


Points: Head – neck and shoulders – chest and conformation – back – loin – gigot – wool – feets – harmony.


Score of 80,0 points is good for breeding ram and 85,0 points can be considered as excellent.

Ultrasound measure of eye muscle thickness in mm and of back fat in mm – eye muscle shape score (1-5).
(H) Dutch ultrasound scanner, the type used by SOUTHAGRI.
(S) Scottish ultrasound scanner – which measures about 2mm lesser eye muscle thickness than the Dutch scanner. This difference is not corrected in individual figures.

Eye muscle shape:
In autumn 1999 eye muscle shape grading started. The grading of the eye muscle describes how well the muscle keeps it´s thickness out over the backbone. The shape is graded from 1 to 5. The scale is following:


1. Poorly shaped eye muscle.
2. Fairly shaped eye muscle.
3. Adequately shaped eyemuscle..
4. Well shaped eye muscle.
5. Excellently shaped eye muscle.


The figure shows examples of different eye muscle shapes. The eye muscle on the right side is a example of a poorly or fairly shaped muscle which would be graded 1 or 2. The left muscle would be graded 4 to 5 for it is much better shaped. Eye muscle grading gives a good indication of the eye muscle area.
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