Kaldi 03-989

Kaldi 03-989


Kaldbakur farm, Rangarvellir, South Iceland

Kaldi 03-989 Hnottur 02-111 All 00-868
Gestathraut 95-838
Threnna 01-087 Sjodur 97-846
Kola 98-134
fmf. Stufur 87-959, mmf. Hunn 92-809.
Breeding indexes (BLUP)

Score 2003: 85,5 points
Ultrasound 2003: Eye muscle thickness 31 mm, back fat thickness 3 mm, muscle shape 4. (H)

White, horned, rather longheaded. A bit coarse shoulders and good rib shape. Broad and strong back with good muscling. Very broad and muscular rump and thick and well muscled legs. Strong feet’s. Very long bodied ram.
Light tan on head and feet’s. Tan fibers on back and loins. Medium wool quantity, rather much thel and long, medium coarse and curly thog.

Kaldi has performed very well so far, carrying on average carcass grading but very good fat grading. His father was one of the best rams in Iceland according to his BLUP-indexes. Kaldi especially carries on leanness.
His daughters are very prolific but Kaldi carries the Thoka gene which he has inherited from his mmf. They have very good milking abilities.

Meat quality

Carcass grading


Fat grading


Meat qualities






Milking abilities

Scrapie resistance genotype: Neutral

Colour inheritance: Kaldi is heterozygous white carrying moorit and spotted. Therefore you can expect all colors on Kaldi’s progenies.

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