Grabotni 06-833

Grabotni 06-833


Vogar farm, Myvatnssveit, Northeast Iceland

Grabotni 06-833 Grimur 01-928 Tuli 98-858
Grima 96-660
Grabotna 04-364 Spakur 02-275
Branda 00-170
mff. All 00-868, mmff. Krakur 87-920.
Breeding indexes (BLUP)

Score 2006: 83,0 points
Ultrasound 2006: Eye muscle thickness 30 mm, back fat thickness 2,0 mm, muscle shape 4,0. (H)

Grey mouflon with vigorous head and good horn curving. Broad, round shaped and very muscular shoulders. Very good rib shape. Broad and strong back and very muscular rump. Extremely good and well shaped leg muscles. Strong and well placed feet’s. Longbodied and vigorously looking ram.
Even and good grey color. Average wool quantity. Thick and even thel but short thog with variable fineness.
Grabotni was bought to Southram because of very good results from his birth farm. His progenies have proofed to have very thick eye muscle, leanness and superb gigot muscling resulting in very good carcass grading.
Grabotni’s have proven to be very prolific with very good milking abilities.

Meat quality

Carcass grading


Fat grading


Meat qualities






Milking abilities

Scrapie resistance genotype: Neutral

Colour inheritance: Grabotni carries grey and mouflon as his color indicates as well as spotted. Grabotni also carries moorit.

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