As 09-877

As 09-877 


Skrida farm, Horgardalur, North Iceland

As 09-877  Falki 08-057 Smari 06-058
Stod 07-242
Mork 08-257 Smari 06-058
Kria 03-225
ffff. and mfff. Spakur 00-909.
Breeding indexes (BLUP)

Score 2009: 86,0 points
Ultrasound 2009: Eye muscle thickness 27 mm, back fat thickness 3,5 mm, muscle shape 4,5. (H)

White and horned with vigorous head. Short neck, broad and well muscled shoulders. Wide chest and very good rib shape. Broad and very well muscled back. Superb rump and gigot muscling. Strong feet’s. Vigorous and powerful ram. 
Tan on feet’s but no tan fibers in the fleece. Wool quantity above average. Thick and even thel. Rather little thog and medium fine.

As was bought for AI in 2012 after showing good results at number of farms in Horgardalur parish. He is also not very related to the AI rams that have been used recent years though as an individual he is inbred with the the same grandfather in his pedigree. His progenies have very good meat qualities as his indexes clearly state. 
His daughters are still very young but promising concerning both prolificacy and milking abilites.

Meat quality

Carcass grading


Fat grading


Meat qualities






Milking abilities


Scrapie resistance genotype: Neutral.

Colour inheritance: As is homozygous white.

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