AI seminars

Vaginal AI seminars
Southram offers courses for breeders to learn vaginal AI. After a two day course the breeder can perform vaginal AI himself without any specialist assistance. This makes useage of AI much easier and more flexible for the breeder making him able to inseminate the ewes in natural heat in stead of using synchronisation. This is also cheaper and the conception rate is higher than with synchronisation as well as making all breeding planning easier.




In this two day course participants learn about applied anatomy in AI, reproductive physiology and controlled breeding. Sheep evaluation and breeding stock selection is also taught as well sheep and AI recording. Southram sire list is explained and participants learn how to read and use the figures in the sire list. Practical AI training and frozen semen handling also takes place during the course.


For further information contact Southram, Austurvegur 1, 800 Selfoss, Iceland, Tel. +354 480 1800, fax +354 480 1818.
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